Genus Apatosaurus
Suborder Sauropodomorpha
length 25m
Temporal range Late Jurassic period

The Wondrous World Of Dinosaurs

from July 16,2004 to September 12,2004
at MakuhariMesse International Convention in Chiba, Japan.

Skull of an Apatosaurus

Skull of an Apatosaurus


Apatosaurus did solidly built a bit big body. The weight was supposed with around 25-30 tons.
It is thought that Apatosaurus pick off a leaf of the forest. It was the 1990s and understood that it was the genus near a diplodocus (kind).

Problem of the name of Brontosaurus

Paleontologist Marsh of the United States named Brontosaurus in a fossil of Sauropodomorpha form which he discovered in 1879. Paleontologist concluded, “the fossil specimen called Brontosaurus is the genus same as” [Apatosaurus announced excavation in 1877] as a result that American field natural history Museum investigated it again in 1903. Therefore it unified the generic names in “Apatosaurus” which the scientific name of “Brontosaurus” disappeared, and was named earlier, but generally people was rarely known, and the name of “Brontosaurus” was continued using for what was standardized with a public book and the illustrated book after it.

The name of “Brontosaurus” did not see it with the recent illustrated book, but thinks that there is the person with the attachment to “Brontosaurus” toward the age.

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