Genus Ceratosaurus
Suborder Theropoda
length 4-6m
Temporal range Late Jurassic

T.Rex Episode 2, Evolution to Tyrannosaurus

from October 1,2016 to November 27,2016
at Gunma Museum of Natural History in Japan

Skull of a Ceratosaurus

Skull of a Ceratosaurus

The Gigantic Dinosaur Expo 2006

from July 15,2006 to September 10,2006
at MakuhariMesse International Convention in Chiba, Japan.

Fossilized Skeleton of a Ceratosaurus

Fossilized Skeleton of a Ceratosaurus


The top of the nose and the short projection on the eyes are the characteristics of the dinosaur of the genus Ceratosaurus.
Ceratosaurus was smaller than the Allosaurus which inhabited for the same period, but was superior in ability that the tooth was thin and cut it.

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