Genus Pteranodon
Suborder Pterosauria
both wing length 6m
Temporal range Late Cretaceous

Common Exhibition of IBARAKI NATURE MUSEUM .Ibaraki

at May 1,2015
at Ibaraki nature museum, Japan

Fossilized Skeleton of a Pteranodon

Fossilized Skeleton of a Pteranodon

The Gigantic Dinosaur Expo 2006

from July 15,2006 to September 10,2006
at MakuhariMesse International Convention in Chiba, Japan.

Skull of a Pteranodon

Skull of a Pteranodon


Pterosauria are not dinosaurs in the strict sense.
Adult Pteranodon were among the largest pterosaurs, and were the largest flying animals known until the late 20th century.The most distinctive characteristic of Pteranodon is its cranial crest.

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